LIAM 006 – Personal Branding: The Art of Being Present

Life_is_a_Marathon_RevisionIn Episode #6 of the Life Is A Marathon show, I urge you to stop thinking that multitasking is a good thing. It’s not! I talk about the benefits, personally and professionally, of practicing the art of being present–giving your undivided attention to people. This another “personal branding” episode designed to help you build a life–your brand–that people want to engage with and promote.

Quotes from the show:

Wherever you are, be all there! — Jim Elliot

Show outline:

  1. Multitasking, as a good thing, is a myth
    1. You are not at your best when you are multitasking
    2. Relationships are weakened by distraction, lack of attention
  2. Practice the Art of Being Present
    1. Give your work single-task focus
    2. Give people your undivided attention
      1. Tip for men: Women find it very attractive when a man gives them undivided attention!
    3. All of your relationships, personally and professionally, benefit from you being present in the moment.

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One Response to LIAM 006 – Personal Branding: The Art of Being Present

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    Pet January 13, 2016 at 10:01 am #

    Hi Bruce,

    Thank you so much for your message. At first I found it quite hard to just listen and not open other windows on my laptop to check emails or read information. I finally then just focus and sat up with my hands on my lap, which made a big difference.

    Multitasking will not be my priority now, but being in the moment and giving my undivided attention!

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