LIAM 012 – You Are A World-Changer! You and the Butterfly Effect

In this episode, I tell you that you are a world-changer! You may not think you are, but you absolutely are. Every day, in every way you interact with people and the world around you, you are sending out messages and energy into the universe that, through the phenomenon of the Butterfly Effect, change the world. The changes may be small or large, but you are changing the world and have since the day you were born. Listen to the show to hear what I mean.

Show outline:
  1. I want to tell you something you may not have heard in a while, if ever: YOU are a world-changer!
    1. Stop looking around. Yes, I mean YOU!
    2. You matter! What you do matters. But why you do it matters the most!
  2. Email to a friend who stepped out of her comfort zone and went on a medical missions trip to Honduras
  3. Rose, the old woman at Sam’s Club, impacts the lives of countless people!
  4. The story of 3 Bricklayers:
    1. Someone approaches three bricklayers and asks “what are you doing?” They reply in turn:
      1. What does it look like I’m doing? I’m sweating in hot sun laying bricks.
      2. I’m laying bricks to make a day’s wage to feed my family
      3. I’m building a magnificent Cathedral. People will come from all over the world to see its beauty and marvel at God’s blessings. It will change their lives and they will tell more people who will come and their lives will be changed. My part is small, but these bricks and my work are part of a beautiful creation!
  5. It’s all about perspective: how you see your life as being intimately, directly connected to the lives of others
    1. Everyone is important and significant
    2. Everything you do and, more importantly, the attitude with which you do it, effects the universe
    3. You don’t have to go on missions trips or build cathedrals. What you do where you are is vitally important
      1. Being a mom or dad, sister, brother, neighbor, coworker
      2. Saying “Hi” and smiling to strangers
      3. Sharing your faith or world-view
      4. Sharing an inspirational message or fun story
    4. It doesn’t matter how old or young or how popular you are
      1. My 11-yo son is a world changer, has been since he was born
      2. So are you!
    5. We are all connected. We don’t live in isolation
      1. Think of how others have changed you and your world-view
      2. It’s about your attitude, how you see yourself and how you show up in the world
    6. The Butterfly Effect is constantly working, whether you know it or not. We all effect change in the world.
      1. It’s never too late to start making a positive impact
  6. When you start to feel unimportant, insignificant, remember that YOU are a world-changer and nobody can take that away from you!

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