LIAM 016 – A Journey from Darkness to Light: A Conversation with Nikki Schmutz

In this episode, I speak with Nikki Schmutz about her dramatic journey from darkness to light. Nikki suffered traumatic abuse at the age of 10 and kept it hidden from the world until she was 17. Her journey of healing and rebuilding her life is a story that everyone needs to hear and share with others who have gone through similar experiences.

Quotes from the show:

It’s OK to admit that there’s a whole lot wrong with you! – Nikki Schmutz

Instead of just making sure I was OK, I would actually take steps forward into new places so that I could live, not just survive! – Nikki Schmutz

An unknown path in front of you is not a bad thing. It can be incredibly good, and it can take you to things you never realized you wanted or happiness you never thought that you could have. – Nikki Schmutz

What you have been through does not define you. It is just something that happened to you. There’s a difference between what defines you and what you have to deal with, and you are in control of what defines you! – Nikki Schmutz

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2 Responses to LIAM 016 – A Journey from Darkness to Light: A Conversation with Nikki Schmutz

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    Elizabeth Sifuentes November 24, 2014 at 2:15 pm #

    Nikki is a very special friend to me. I am a member of the Writers Group Randall Andrews manages which is where I met her. Many days and nights she has helped me through dark nights I needed to experience. She is an inspiration, a beautiful woman and sister to me. She has literally taken me by the hand, as we closed our eyes, she in Utah, me in Florida, she has “gone within” in the special manner only Nikki could do, sending me positive energy, protection and love. I have felt the healing energy from her Creator which lives within her. She is a blessing to all those she touches and her uniqueness stems from her ability to put aside all walls and focus on the person she is trying to help. I desire only the best for her.

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    dan hathaway February 5, 2015 at 8:59 am #

    This was a really hard one for me… In some ways it felt like circled back to Iron Jen’s EMS, especially E – Embrace your reality. The most profound thing for me to hear was you must accept it for what it ‘is’ and realize this doesn’t define you… I’ll need to hear this again, because in some ways I think the negative events in my past have defined me and my moving it forward and snatching my outcome seems so distant…if not impossible… and yet, Nikki proves it can happen! Thanks again for leaving this out here for me to listen to and benefit from… dan

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