LIAM 022 – Are You Living Intentionally?

In this episode, I talk about the importance of living intentionally, and exactly what that means. An intention is an aim, a plan, a desired outcome. You should have intentions for every area of your life and take the actions necessary to fulfill that intention. If you are not living intentionally, you are just wondering aimlessly in the world, subject to the intentions of others. Aim your life in the direction you want to go, then go there!

Show Outline:

  1. My social media profiles say “Living intentionally.”
    1. I spent most of my life just living from moment to moment, day-to-day, without any real plan
    2. I had lofty, long-range, vague desires for how I hoped my life would turn out, but no plan to get there
    3. I was just settling for the life I received, rather than creating the life I wanted
    4. Getting in shape was my first “intention”
  2. Intention – an aim or a plan; deciding in advance what you want to do, how you want to do, what the desired outcome is.
    1. “You did that intentionally!” kids will yell at each other
      1. means that one kid did something to the other kid on purpose, with a plan or intention
    2. Intention is the framework for your life
      1. Each day should start with intention
      2. Each meeting should have an intention
      3. While some interactions with people are spontaneous, you should still have an intention for feelings, etc
      4. Your life should be guided by intention
    3. Intention alone is useless, it must be acted upon!
      1. 3 seagulls sitting on a dock
      2. Wife is mad at husband. Doesn’t she know he intended to buy her flowers and take her to dinner?
  3. What is the BIG intention, aim or plan for your life?
    1. You should have goals for your life and work toward them with the “intention” achieving them
    2. It determines how you show up in the world
      1. The energy you bring to each day, each situation
    3. It keeps you grounded and guides you through unforeseen events
      1. It is your “agreement with reality”
      2. It guides your “R” in the E+R=O formula
    4. In response to circumstances, are you the victim, or the victor?
    5. It allows you to be in control of your value/self-worth
      1. It’s so easy to confuse your circumstance with your value
  4. Intention puts you in control of your life
    1. It allows you to respond, rather than react
      1. responsible = response / able
    2. It allows you to see your life, circumstances, and other people from a new perspective
      1. You get to choose how to respond in alignment with your intention
    3. You get to evaluate all of your thoughts, feelings, and actions with your goals/life purpose
      1. Is this response useful?
      2. Does this move me closer to or farther away from my goal
      3. Is my intention in alignment with my purpose and core values
  5. Live intentionally!
    1. Have an aim, a plan and act on it
    2. If you don’t like it, you can change it
    3. Stop settling for the life you get. Intentionally create the life you want.
    4. If you’re not living your life intentionally, according to your plan, you wind up living your life according to other people’s plans–so have a plan and live intentionally, with MASSIVE amounts of action to make your plan work!

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