LIAM 042 – Remove Yourself from the Darkness, Step Into the Light!

Remove yourself from the darkness and step into the light! This is sort of followup to something Jaime Primak Sullivan said in Session 41 about her personal journey. If darkness is winning the battle, it’s because the light is not doing its job. Listen as I unfold this topic about being a light to our own lives and to the lives of those around us.

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Show outline:

  1. Something Jaime Primak Sullivan said in the last episode was very important!
  2. Jaime talked about how being mean and trying to make people feel bad (being a bully) made her feel bad and was exhausting.
    1. Being nice, trying to make people feel good made her feel great and gave her energy.
  3. It got me thinking about an article I wrote back in March 2014, just before I had my cancer surgery
    1. If darkness is winning the battles, my friend, it is because light is not doing its job. — Andy Andrews
  4. Darkness existed before there was light.
    1. Darkness is absence of visible light.
    2. Darkness is also a metaphor for wickedness or evil, or an emotional state of despair or negativity, or a lack of understanding.
    3. While the definition may vary, know this: darkness is the prevalent state and light must be used to dispel it.
  5. If you walk into a window-less room, like a basement, the room is completely dark
    1. If you flip the light switch and nothing happens, what do you get upset about? The darkness? No!
      1. You get upset because the light is not doing it’s job!
    2. The same is true in our lives!
  6. Most of the darkness in our lives comes from negative thoughts and limiting beliefs
    1. We get stuck in what Zig Ziglar called “stinkin’ thinkin'”
    2. We think negative thoughts about ourselves and others
  7. We must overcome the darkness by shining the light of positive thinking and gratitude
    1. Darkness hates light!
  8. If there is darkness in your personal life and relationships, you have 2 choices:
    1. Take responsibility for the darkness you are creating or perpetuating and begin to create light instead
      1. Your attitude and actions can be a great source of light
    2. Remove yourself from the darkness and step into the light
      1. Sometimes you must remove yourself from negative, toxic people
      2. You cannot change others, so sometimes you have to remove yourself from them.
  9. This is what Jaime said she had to do: remove herself from the source of pain and toxicity and embrace the light
    1. When she removed the external pain, she was able to work on the internal pain
  10. This was true in my life: My darkness was not from other people, it was from within myself
    1. I chose to change my thoughts about myself and others.
  11. Creating light takes much less energy than creating darkness
    1. In a dark room, it just takes a single match
    2. In a bright room, it takes putting up heavy coverings over the windows and turning off lights and filling in cracks
  12. As was true with Jaime, I found I had much more energy and excitement about life once I started creating light for myself instead of darkness, saying loving, kind, words to myself and other, instead of criticism and sarcasm.
  13. During the holidays, be a source of light instead of darkness. Wherever possible, remove yourself from dark relationships or shine as much light into them as you can–don’t let their darkness dampen your light!

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