LIAM 048 – Clarity: A Conversation with Jamie Smart

I included the book Clarity by Jamie Smart in my list of the most influential books I read in 2014. After you hear this conversation between the two of us, you’ll understand, with remarkable clarity, why you must read this book, too! This episode, and his book, will change your life in significant ways. Please listen and share with your friends and family, so they may discover Clarity for themselves.

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Quotes and Thoughts from the show:

  • Jamie dealt with the stress in his life, like so many people, by drinking
  • He realized it was ruining his life, so he stopped
  • After not drinking for several months, he discovered his true problem was a “thinking problem”
  • After discovering Tim Ferriss’ book The 4-Hour Work Week, he set off for great adventures thinking that’s what was missing from his life.
  • Shortly into his first mini-retirement adventure, he discovered that wasn’t it either…
  • Jamie: I was so sure, if I got the circumstances of my life right, then I would feel great, I would love my life
  • After discovering the principles of Clarity, he knew this would be his life’s mission
  • Jamie: When we look through the things we thought were real or true, to find life doesn’t really work that way, we discover that we have within us all we need to prosper, thrive and take the right steps in our lives.
  • Jamie: If someone perceives themselves as limited, or not enough, or damaged, or broken in some way… the ability to believe that you are broken, or damaged, or not enough, is such an extraordinary creative act that it is proof positive that you are not broken, or damaged, or not enough! The slickest magic trick in the world is the ability we have as human beings is the ability to believe that we are anything less than extraordinary and magnificent!
  • This limiting belief is part of our domestication. A 3-year-old spends most of its day in a place of clarity, peace, and joy. They blip out into furry, or sadness, or devastation, or giggling, or wonder and curiosity. So it’s all in there. They just don’t get stuck in it. They aren’t wasting energy trying to manage state. It’s a learning process/conditioning that gets us stuck and believing we are limited and not capable and not enough.
  • Jamie: The game we are all up to in life, as I see it, is we are all looking for who we really are. We are looking for ourselves. We think we are looking for a partner, or achievement, or success, or to be number one, or to get approval or validation, when, all the time, what we are looking for is what we already are and something that we already have. We are looking for that place of peace and clarity that resides inside every human being. And we’ve been tricked into believing that we are going to find it out there, outside of ourselves.
  • Most of us have a lot on our minds, we are over-thinking our lives and situations. We are stressing and striving. When you trying hardest to solve a problem, you are least likely to solve it. Most of the world’s great discoveries, and our personal epiphanies, were discover when we were relaxed, had peace, and were not actively searching for it.
  • Clarity of connection comes when we listen to each other without agenda, without listening for the purpose of giving and answer, and just listening to impacted and inspired by the other person.
  • You mind is designed to give you insight. Your capacity for insight is a natural property of your mind. You can massively benefit from understanding the inside-out nature of life.
  • Goal setting is neutral–not good or bad.
  • A toxic goal is a goal set for the purpose of producing a feeling, by the achievement of the goal, that the goal is not capable of delivering. Money and material possessions have no “feeling transmitters.” They have no power to give us feelings that can only be produced by something inside of us. A toxic goal is one that is set in the hopes of creating a feeling that you believe is not available to you presently. Success, security, feeling loved, can only come from within, not from without, not from some object, person, or circumstance.
  • “Trying to be happy by accumulating possessions is like trying to satisfy hunger by taping sandwiches all over my body.” – Roger J. Corless
  • “A goal is only worth setting if it improves the quality of your life today!” – Steve Pavlina
  • Ask yourself “is having this goal improving the quality of my life today?”
  • The moment you realize that you already have and are everything you are looking for, you can set goals “just because.”
  • Jamie: Everything you’ve been looking for, you already have within you. “What you are looking for, you are looking with. You already are it.”
  • Jamie: Effort over time is necessary for accomplishment and developing skills, but we make a big mistake when we feel that who we are needs to be improved.
  • Jamie: When you recognize and love who you already are, you can start the business, look for the relationship, etc, and you’ll be successful because you give off an energy, an enjoyment, a vibrancy, that attracts those things to you because you are not looking to the world to give you something that it cannot give you. Our frustration, so often, comes from looking for the world to give us what it can’t possibly give.

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