LIAM 055 – Life Plan: Step 5 – Putting the Plan Together

Step 5 in creating your Life Plan is bringing all of the work from the previous steps and putting them together to create your actionable Life Plan. Listen as I walk you through Step 5 of your Life Plan:

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Show Outline:

  1. This is where it all comes together. All of the dreaming, scripting, and rating of the areas of your life will now come together to create a cohesive Life Plan.
    1. If you haven’t completed the previous 4 steps, you need to complete them before you can do Step 5 of creating your Life Plan.
  2. Start a new document on your computer, or get out a blank piece of paper
  3. Write as the heading: My Life Plan
  4. Put today’s date underneath the heading
  5. Write a “Dream Life” affirmation
    1. I am joyfully, actively and intentionally living the life of my dream. I am …. (some details from the dream in Step 1). My dreams become reality as I intentionally step in the direction of my dreams.
  6. Write a “Voices from My Past” affirmation
    1. I am now and have been a positive influence in the lives of many people. Their lives are better because of me and the way I live, love, and invest in creating meaningful relationships… (include a few details from the script of Step 2).
  7. Write the following for each Spoke in the Wheel of Life (Steps 3 & 4)
    1. Name Spoke 1
      1. Write this Spoke’s Purpose Statement (Step 3)
      2. Write this Spoke’s Ideal/Desired Condition (Step 3)
      3. Write “Current Reality Rating:” and put in the number from Step 4
        1. Write an Affirmation statement using “Why so high?” answers from Step 4
          1. I am feeling proud that I have…. I am excited about the momentum I am creating to further my progress toward…
        2. What needs to happen to make the rating 1 point higher (Step 4)
        3. Action items to move it 1 point higher
          1. I will do ____ by _____
          2. List a few action items required for moving 1 point higher
        4. Write an Action Items Affirmation
          1. I am joyfully, actively, and intentionally doing… to make 1 point higher my current reality
    2. Repeat the above steps for Spokes 2 – 7
    3. You now have a Life Plan
      1. It includes your Dream Life, your ideal impact on other people, your vision for the seven areas on the Wheel of Life, a realistic evaluation of your current condition, and specific actions you need to take to improve your current condition for each life area.

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