LIAM 056 – From TV to The Forsyth Institute: David Brown’s Journey

David Brown is the Chief Advancement Officer at The Forsyth Institute, a 100-year-old pioneer in dental and oral health. Listen as David and I have a fun, fast-paced conversation about how he transitioned from a career in Television to joining Forsyth. We also talk about the Boston Marathon and how the ForsythKids program provides free dental care to children.

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Quotes from the Show:

  • Mere mortals, like you and me, CAN run the Boston Marathon!
  • I committed to 1 year & networking with 100 people on my days off to find a new career
  • Finding my new career was part luck, part opportunity, and part dogged determination to find it
  • There are 2 David Browns: the one who is firmly rooted in reality & the one who lives in dreams and passion
  • “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working!” – Pablo Picasso
  • Once the process is in place and you are an active participant in it, the process will lead you where you need to go

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