LIAM 062 – Stop Rehearsing Your Failures

The life you rehearse the most will be the life you live! Most of us want to live amazing lives filled with success, happiness, and love. However, most of us rehearse–in our thoughts, words, and actions–the very life we do not want to live! Listen as I talk about rehearsing the life of your dreams!

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Show Outline:

  • We are all writers. 24/7 we are writing and rewriting the story of our lives
  • Session 58 – Life is only a reflection, Bruce, of whatever you say.
  • Visualizing the life you want is the most important part of getting the life you want
    • Life Plan – visualize your dream life, voices from the past, perfect wheel spoke
  • Olympic divers, pole vaulters, high jumpers, visualize every step, pull twist, — victory
    • They are rehearsing
  • Most of us spend more time reliving, rehearsing, if you will, the past, our failures, instead of what we want
  • We replay our mistakes, poor choices, words we wish we could take back
  • We replay–like Session 60, the Great Cloud of Witnesses–what others have said or done that hurt or upset us
  • Actors rehearse their parts with such focus, they take on the personality of the character
  • Same with us–we become what we think about
  • We create what we focus on
  • We get really good at what we spend the most time doing
  • What we rehearse becomes how we see ourselves, what we think about ourselves and the world
  • “How I see myself is how others will see me.” – Steven Web
  • Focus on what you want
  • Rewrite the script of the part you want to play today, tomorrow and the rest of your life
  • Start rehearsing that role
  • There is some truth to the phrase “fake it until you make it”
  • Everyone starts at the beginning.
    • We want to ride a bike, we see ourselves as a bike rider, we keep practicing until it becomes something we do naturally
  • Start today! Start being, right now, the person you want to be tomorrow!

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One Response to LIAM 062 – Stop Rehearsing Your Failures

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    Naomi D. Tate February 17, 2015 at 2:09 pm #

    Hello Mr. VanHorn!
    It is such a pleasure to actually comment on one of your podcasts. I have been listening to your podcast about 4 months now, I’m part of your email list, and have added you on my Facebook. I literally never do that, and I almost never leave a comment. However, considering how much I have gotten out of your show, I felt I was robbing you of understanding your impact. First, and foremost, I’ve never cone across someone so positive in all my life (that I’ve actually liked and believed)…. So congratulations there! Lol. But, more importantly, your content makes me feel I am in a class specialized for me alone. Every time I tune in on my podcast player I’m scrambling to search for a piece of paper while traveling on the bus to jot down a note or 5. This specific episode spoke to me so much I had to comment because I made a change. In understanding why I shouldn’t rehearse my failures, I decided to create a blog about being Solutions Focused. I just started it today, I don’t have any content yet, but I wanted to take time to say thank you for all you do everyday for your followers. I lived my life how many people do, I reflect back on things that didn’t work in my life and get inundated with the failures it blocks me from moving forward. My intention is to be and stay Solutions Focused, but my actions didn’t reflect that. I wrote an affirmation a few years ago for a class, it reads,” I am bigger and brighter than all my problems and I constantly choose to be solutions focused. ” I should probably close that out by adding,” and to follow through with positive action.” (That just came to me while I was commenting)
    If I wasn’t in between jobs at this juncture, I would sign up in a heartbeat for your mentoring and life coaching. Maybe there is a scholarship program available? Also, as time progresses, maybe we can swap guest posting. I intend to chime in more frequently and brand myself.

    Again thank you for your influence, I’m looking forward to more amazing content.

    Naomi D. Tate

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