LIAM 063 – Releasing Your Greatest Self with Dr. Steve Maraboli

Dr. Steve Maraboli joins me for a powerful repeat performance. Steve is a life-changing speaker, bestselling author, and Behavioral Science academic who has an amazing gift for bluntly telling it like it is, yet filling you with his love, compassion, and desire to see you release your greatest self. Listen to this moving conversation:

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Quotes from the Show:

  • I may not control the events that happen, but I do control the labels that I place on those events
  • When you embrace the power you have, you can change the life you have.
  • If you have the expectation that change is supposed to be easy, you will never change.
  • You can’t just want change. You have to live it; you have to breath it; it’s something you have to DO!
  • Actions give our thoughts integrity!
  • It’s not a matter of growing wise, it’s a matter of shrinking wise. It’s never about adding!
  • There is no “key” to happiness. It’s not locked up. If you’re in prison, it’s a prison of your own choosing.
  • Releasing your greatest self is about making a decision to not stay in your self-inflicted prison.
  • I’ve met so few people of have money. For most people, the money has them.
  • What kind of story do you have? Do you a hero story or a victim story? Do you have an empowered story or a dis-empowered story?
  • There is nothing preceding you other than a history that you cannot touch.
  • Once you change the story a little bit, then the chemicals that speak to your body will also change.
  • When you release yourself from the burden other people’s opinions and actions, and you focus on the only thing you can control, which is yourself, you are doing yourself and the world a huge favor!
  • You’ll never have a shortage of people who are willing to fight to maintain the poison that is killing them.
  • Nothing is as unpopular among friends as positive change.
  • It takes courage to be the greatest version of yourself.
  • It’s not enough to step out of your comfort zone. You have to create a new comfort zone or your will go back to the old one.
  • Life is hilarious. It offers endless reasons for us to laugh!
  • Every single day is a once-in-a-lifetime event! Enjoy it! Make it count!
  • I want to live in such a way that even my obituary is a best-seller!
  • 99% of our stresses are about yesterday and tomorrow–two days you will never be able to control!
  • If your Today looks like your Yesterday, that’s a choice you’ve made.

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