LIAM 067 – You Are Response-Able

You are “Response-Able”! You have the ability to choose any response to any event. Are you choosing responses that leave you as the victim, or are you choose responses that are useful, beneficial to you and your setting, and move you forward in a positive way? The choice is yours, whether you think so or not. Choose wisely! Listen as I walk you through some ways to choose differently:

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Show Outline:

  • The great myth: we are entitled to a great life. Someone else, certainly not us, is responsible for delivering happiness to our doorstep in a pretty box.
  • There is only one person responsible for the life you live: YOU!
  • Assume 100% responsibility for everything in or not in your life!
    • Your achievements, results, quality of relationships, health, income, feelings, EVERYTHING!
  • If you think other people or the government are responsible for giving you these things, then you better learn how to be happy with the things they give you!
  • It’s so much easier to play the blame game, but that leaves you a victim.
    • My boss, my spouse, the economy, the government
  • Take 100% responsibility for everything–your successes AND your failures. Even if you aren’t, it serves you better to assume you somehow caused the situation–if you had a part in creating it, you can do something to change it!
  • If you want to live the life of your dreams, you have to assume 100% responsibility for creating it–otherwise you live the life of someone else’s dream!
  • Starting today and for the rest of your life, assume 100% responsibility for everything that does or doesn’t happen to you
  • E+R=0
  • It all comes down to how you respond to events in your life.
    • Your response it what controls the outcome
  • It is not limiting factors (money, race, gender, governments, health) that stop you because many people have succeed under the same or worse conditions. If it’s not the limiting factors, it must be the way they responded to the factors!
  • It’s not the event, it’s the story you tell yourself about the event, the images you hold in your mind about the event and yourself.
  • You only have total control over 3 things: the thoughts you think, the images you visualize, and the actions you take
  • How you use these 3 things determines everything you experience
  • If you want to change the outcome, change the story, rewrite the movie/images, choose a victorious, or just more useful response
    • Example of being stuck in an airport because of canceled flights. Why are some people completely freaked out, yelling at ticket/gate agents, etc. and some take a big breath, sit down and read a book?
    • Why is it that you cannot stand to be around a certain person, yet others love to be around that same person?
    • Why do 2 people show up for the same job every day, one hates it, the other is happy to have a job?
  • Stop complaining about things you cannot control or to people who cannot fix it.
    • You can’t change the weather! You can move somewhere else, but you can change what it is right now
    • Your boss/coworker cannot fix your marriage, your spouse cannot fix your boss
    • You just create a reputation of being a complainer and someone who gets upset about everything!
  • You are “Response-Able”! You have the ability to respond to any event in a way that is useful to you, leaves you in control of your emotions, and moves you forward in a positive way.
  • Choose a “useful” response!
    • If stuck in a traffic jam, is it useful to get angry, frustrated and yell at people who can’t hear you anyway?
    • If your health suddenly changes, is it useful to be angry, grumpy, and convinced you cannot still have a good life and have a positive impact on people?
    • If a relationship ends, is it useful to stay at home everyday, thinking about the past, and not go out, make friends and new relationships?
      • sometimes, the best revenge is living well!
  • Don’t just do something, sit there!
  • Change your responses requires change, it requires intentional thought control
    • Like learning anything new, this requires intentional practice
    • It is a muscle that you need to develop
    • Always ask yourself, “is this the best, most useful response to this event?”
    • For past events, try out different responses, pick the one that leaves you feeling the best, and adopt that as your new story
  • The big event isn’t the big event. The big event is the story you tell yourself and others about that event for the rest of your life!
  • You CAN do this! You are ABLE to respond to any event/circumstance in a way that is helpful, useful, and makes your world better, not worse!

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