LIAM 093 – Personal Branding: Everyone is Self-Employed (Revisited)

It does not matter who signs your paycheck, everyone is self employed! This is the most important concept for you to learn and embrace for every area of your life–not just professional. In every interaction with other people, in person or online, you are marketing your brand. Your employer is not your employer, it is your customer! Listen as I explain more:

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Show outline:

  1. Life coaching issues
    1. Personal presentation is very important
      1. Get work/Get promoted
      2. Improve relationships
    2. Must create foundational mindset for success
      1. Can’t build sustainable behavior change if mindset doesn’t support it
  2. Topic: Regardless of who signs your paycheck, you are self-employed
  3. The primary factor for success is connections and relationships
    1. Your ability to connect with and build relationships with people impacts every area of your life
    2. Regardless of how good you are, people do business with people/companies they like and trust
      1. “Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.” – Zig Ziglar
  4. You are your own brand! You own and represent a brand named You, Inc.
    1. You are self-employed
      1. You are CEO – casting the vision and direction of the company
      2. You are head of Marketing – Creating connections/relationships so people know your name
      3. You are head of Public Relations – you must deal with people who are upset with you
      4. Most importantly, you are in Sales – you are responsible for getting new clients
    2. Embracing this idea will make you more successful in every area of your life
      1. Relationships will improve
      2. Job opportunities will appear
  5. Great companies are built around 2 foundational principles
    1. Providing the best products or services
    2. Love for their customers and a desire to keep customers for life!
  6. What they don’t teach you in school
    1. Job Interviewing 101
      1. You are NOT entitled to anything – especially a job!
      2. You are not applying for a job, you are trying to gain a customer
      3. People don’t buy features, they buy benefits and feelings
      4. Do not say “here are my qualifications for this job, how much will you pay me?”
      5. Sell your benefits – how you can solve problems, increase their profit, ease their pain
      6. Make it about your customer’s needs, not about you or your desire for money
        1. Ask questions
          1. Do you want your customers to be greeted with big smile and sincere “how are you”?
          2. Do you want your customers feel like they are genuinely appreciate and valued so they come back time and time again?
          3. Do you have a hard time hiring employees who love their work, show up on time, smile while they are here, and do the work as if they owned the company?
          4. If so, here’s what you can expect from me….
        2. Love the work you are doing right now!
          1. See your employer as your customer
          2. See everyone you meet in the course of your day as a potential customer or referral to a customer
          3. Do the work you are hired to do with the greatest enthusiasm and highest quality because it reflects on your brand!
          4. See the work you do as part of a much bigger picture!
            1. The box you just loaded on to the truck is very important to the person who will receive it–it may change their lives
            2. The person you are speaking to on the phone has their own set of issues, values, etc and deserves as much respect as you do–they may tell someone about how you treated them.
            3. The more profitable/successful you are able to make your customers, the more valuable you become to them.
        3. How you interact with everyone, every day of your life–friends, family, neighbors, grocery store clerks–impacts your brand.
          1. Everyone in you interact with is a potential consumer of your brand
            1. They may want to hire you
            2. They may refer you to someone who may hire you
            3. They may want to be friends with you
            4. They may want to develop a life-long relationship with you
    2. Respect and protect your brand!
  7. You must be sincere. You must have integrity.You must operate from the foundation of love.
    1. I think we can all recall someone famous who abused their personal brand and lost all they had worked to create because they let it become all about them, rather than the benefit they were bringing to the consumers of their brand.
    2. “Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it … Autograph your work with excellence.” ― Vince Lombardi
    3. “Work is love made visible. And if you can’t work with love, but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take alms of the people who work with joy” ― Khalil Gibran

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