LIAM 094 – Let’s Get Engaged!

When the storms of life come in wave after wave after wave, it’s so easy to just stop fighting for your dreams. However, you will never get the life you really want by settling for whatever life gives you. I want you to engage with life again, to get back in the game, to start dreaming again. Do so, however, may require a shift in your perspective, an editing of the story you have been telling yourself. Listen as I explain more:

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Show outline:

  • People never lose the ability to dream, they just quit doing it. If that’s you, it’s time to start dreaming again!
  • I’ve been beaten, battered and bruised up so many times in this marathon of life, I stopped getting up
  • It was just safer, easier to stay down and go through the motions, do the minimum to get by
  • I didn’t want to get hurt again, to lose more than I had already lost
  • I was so scared to make more mistakes, I decided to not take any more chances.
  • My brother came to town–said “Bruce, I think you should run a marathon!”
    • My story of personal transformation
    • There will always be things I can’t control, but I was in control of so many more things than I realized
      • my finances, my health
      • my THINKING!!
  • Consider this: the things you thought were meant to break you are the very things that were meant to MAKE you!
    • There is no rejection, only protection. There is no failure, only data
    • What you did get, wasn’t meant for you. The times you’ve been rejected, you were really being protect
    • The failures have made you smarter, they have given you data that you can use in the future
  • When you walk at night and see shadows, do you see scary things: ghosts with harmful intent, voices from the past condemning you, something waiting to jump out to harm you? Or do you see angels who are protectors standing guard to keep you safe, voices from the past encouraging you to be brave and keep going?
    • The shadows are the same. It’s all about the story you tell yourself
    • What you thought was sent to harm you, may be what was sent to transform you
    • Home Lyrics:
      • everything that could be shaken was shaken, now all that remains is all I ever really had
      • What I’d have settled for You’ve blown so far away, What You brought me to I thought I could not reach
      • Now the winds you sent to shake me, become the wings you sent to take me to my home!
  • What my brother was really saying to me back in 2005 was “Bruce’s it’s time to get back in the game, it’s time to re-engage”
  • This is your life poster:
  • I know you’re tired, I know you’re hurting and afraid to get back in the game because you might get hurt again. Do it any way. I need you, your loved ones need you, the world needs to you reengage with life, with love and with the dance of living.
  • I’m here to cheer for you, motivate and encourage you, to coach you.
  • Let’s do it! Let’s get engaged!

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