LIAM 271 – The Power of Journaling with Kim Ades

Every now and then, you cross paths with someone and learn a little about them only to quickly realize you’ve lived very similar lives and had very similar experiences. Such is the case between myself and Kim Ades, founder of Like me, Kim discovered the cathartic, healing power of journaling to get her through a difficult period in her life. Kim, however, took journaling to a powerful new level and began using it to change the lives of many other people. She spoke with me about her experiences and describes the huge changes that can happen in your life through journaling. Listen to our conversation:

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One Response to LIAM 271 – The Power of Journaling with Kim Ades

  1. Avatar
    Cheryl September 8, 2016 at 8:29 am #

    Powerful podcast and conversation between you and Kim Ades.
    I can see the value in journalling.
    Thanks so much!

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