LIAM 359 – Limping with God

Jacob was the “grasper.” He was a deceiver, a liar who relied on his cleverness to get what he wanted or to get himself out of a jam. He was smart and resourceful. People praised him for he cleverness. The problem was that he was scared and operated from a scarcity mindset. He thought he had to fight for everything he wanted. He was actually on the run from God, not trusting in the promise God had made to protect him, provide for him, and prosper him. One night, after losing everything he ever valued, Jacob wrestled with God. He surrendered after God inflicted a permanent wound to his hip. In that surrender, however, Jacob found peace and true meaning in life. He began, from that moment on, to walk with God. However, because he wrestled with God, he walked with a limp. Listen as I explain:

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