LIAM 388 – What’s Your Fantasy?

What is your fantasy? What is it that you imagine, ponder, day-dream about? Is it a happy fantasy in which you become the fullest expression of who you were created to be and you add great value to the world just by being who you were meant to become? If not, that’s what I suggest you fantasize about. Let that be your dominant image of yourself. We tend to become what we spend most of our time thinking about. Fantasize about joy, fulfillment, and abundance! Listen as I explain:

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One Response to LIAM 388 – What’s Your Fantasy?

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    subha November 8, 2017 at 3:11 pm #

    Dear Bruce,
    This episode helped me during a emotional moment at my work. When I felt like quitting for not been appreciated by my manager. Thanks for helping me refocus. Whenever I am lost, I tune into your podcast. You are podcast is very touching and helping me. God bless you abundantly for what you are doing. Love to you! Subha

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