LIAM 428 – Positive Leadership Traits

Everyone is, on some level, a leader. Not everyone, however, is a positive leader. People who lead from position, from an attitude of dominance and force may be able to get people to do certain things for a brief period of time, but that leader rarely last long and the results are rarely what the leader actually desires. Positive leader, however, enjoys the support, loyalty, and friendship of people and, together, they are able to produce very favorable results. What are the traits of a positive leader? Listen as I explain:

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    Sheila Coomasaru May 1, 2020 at 9:09 am #

    I appreciate what you sent. I have a huge problem understanding. So much confusion. My life hasn’t changed. I”am a creature of habit. Yes, very much set in my ways. Nice to hear from you.

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