LIAM 453 – Do It For You!

I received a message from a listener who has made great progress in getting cleaned up and sober from a drug and alcohol addiction that caused him to lose his family. He said he’s been able to make great progress because he believes, by doing so, his wife and kids will take him back. However, he’s fearful that, after making all these changes, they still might not take him back. This is very common and I have some thoughts about it. Listen as I explain:

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2 Responses to LIAM 453 – Do It For You!

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    Tina Rybar October 24, 2018 at 6:27 pm #

    I have listened to many of your shows and this one by far is my favorite. I know there are a lot of addictions, but in your opinion would a compulsive liar be one of them?

    I am going to forward this show to my ex-fiance. My friends and I think that he has hidden issues that he cannot address and this is the only way he can cope. We told him to seek professional help, but I am not sure he has yet.

    My emotions are like a roller coaster right now. I do not know if this is a forgivable behavior or not and if I should give us a second chance. There are days when I say move on and others my compassion kicks in and says, “okay let me help”.

    There is a lot more to my story, but I am hoping you can respond. I cannot afford your services or I would defiantly sign up as you have been helping me get through my difficult times.

    Thank you for what you do and sending smiles your way.

    • Bruce Van Horn
      Bruce Van Horn October 29, 2018 at 10:35 am #

      Tina, thank you for listening and for posting your thoughts about the show. Yes, most of us are addicted to lying to varying degrees. My advice to you is the same as I gave for man trying to clean up his life. If you want to forgive this person, you must do it for YOU, not for him. You must forgive because it brings you peace, not because it will give him peace and help his recovery.

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