LIAM 496 – Live the Human Experience

We are Spiritual Beings having a Human experience, not the opposite. Far too often, we live our human experience trying to become more spiritual–that’s not the point. Knowing what you are and why you are here is the key to living the most abundant human life! Listen as I explain:

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2 Responses to LIAM 496 – Live the Human Experience

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    Wiley Walker March 22, 2020 at 8:38 am #

    I liked your podcast. I recently had the experience of leaving a job I didn’t like, and in spite of the current global crisis I am still able to make a living. This is the 1st show I have heard of yours but I look forward to hearing more and especially the 500th episode. Congratulations!

    It made sense to me what you were saying about us being spiritual beings having a human experience and embracing painful experiences. My mom always say laugh to keep from crying, but sometimes it’s time to cry. Thank you Bruce!

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    Amanda March 26, 2020 at 9:39 pm #

    I am listening to your podcast now, i like it so far. I feel that i am a spiritual being having the human experience. I believe in GOD. One God. In 2016 i had the weirdest experience ever, and let me tell ya ive had some really strange experiences in my lifetime lol. This was a white ball of light okay, it stayed outside my window for id say about a year and a half. At the time my mom was staying with me & she ignored it even though she saw it also. I was alone, i felt alone. I have been ostrasized by the town i live in, and punished pretty severely, maybe i deserved some of it, it was necessary probably because i was out of control. Back to this light, everynight i would wait for it to come visit me . I talked to it, screamed at it, loved it, hated it, told it my deepest darkest secrets etc.. I was an alcoholic for a long time and i quit & i thank God that my body is healthy inspite of. Almost off of all my medications. YAY.. Anyway my mom was diagnosed with cancer and is not dealing or doing so great. I keep praying, and everytime i visit her something bad goes wrong within the next couple of days & im trying to figure out why and what is happening behind my back and hers. She won’t talk, shes pretty sad and i wish God would heal her. I wan’t to move away and have nowhere to go. I don’t want to leave my mom but some force has tore us apart from one another. I feel im the scapegoat, so sad about all of this. So was the light telling me before she got sock that she was going to be sick? I believe so because ive been awakened somehow with activations which are currently activating again. I also knew 4 years ago about this pandemic and whats to come, but people didn’t listen to me, still don’t. I’m trying to change my life and i have slowly. Frequencies help a lot, pray and meditation. Honestly i have had the urge to go to NY, Little ephipanies(spelling sorry). I qm telling you all this and i have no idea why lol. Before the light came i was burned and the burning lasted about a year and a half, electric shocks etc… I have FORGIVEN these people. Like you said a knowing.. I have these knowings and i have no idea where they come from. Like there is a knowing that i must leave this town and soon… You mentioned Bryant McGill and that is AWESOME 🙂 .. Him his wife, Steve Maraboli, Anthony Gucciardi, all of their memes helped me change and turn around for the better. I’m not where i want to be but im so not where i was. I am so thankful for them and for you, your memes… 2 of them there was a knowing like i knew a past life with him, its been very hard, i remember crying over 1 of them, id like to keep his name private but you use his memes.. lol. I even made a fool of myself by telling him on FB & i apologized more than once for that, hope he forgives me. I have had cancer before and thankgod he has kept me healthy because i have a purpose, a bigger purpose. Me being in this town has me limited. I’m counting my blessings now instead of complaining as much as i use too. I know it’s not my time because i was told through spirit. I am happy you are cancer free and i will pray for you to be free of it from now on as well. Thank you for letting me share. God Bless..

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