LIAM 001 – Introductions, Explanations, and Expectations

In ELife_is_a_Marathon_Revisionpisode #1 of the Life Is A Marathon show, I introduce myself, give a bit of my background and talk about why I’m doing a podcast and what you can expect from it.

I am so excited about starting the Life is a Marathon podcast. I’ve spent the last several months thinking, planning, and preparing for this show and I’m very excited about where this show is going to. Please listen as I explain what the show will be all about and what my long-range plans are for!

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away. – Pablo Picasso

What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family. – Mother Teresa

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  1. Bruce! So excited about the new podcast. Just subscribed. Can’t wait to see what you will bring to the table. Thanks for answering the call. Look forward to the future.

    God Bless,


  2. I enjoyed this opportunity to listen to your first LIAM podcast, Bruce! I have truly enjoyed your many positive FB posts this past year…I love to share so many of them with others which I feel could benefit from the positive outlook you share as well! Also a fan of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Guru-ness, I am thrilled you were able to benefit from him as we are. Looking forward to your sharing encouragement far into the future! Thanks so much! :o)

  3. Just started the podcasts listened to 1 and part of 2. Due to various life challenges over the last several years I have gotten way off track physically and emotionally and hoping this is what helps brings me back. I am excited to listen to 2 and the rest of the series.

  4. I think your podcast will be very instrumental in applying techniques into my own life. Thank you Bruce!

  5. Bruce, Stumbled upon your introductory podcast as the most opportune time. Thank you for sharing your personal development skills. Great job on the intro episode!

  6. Hey Bruce,

    Loved the ancient proverb, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” I heard you by accident (no accidents, right?) on a blog called 4.0 runliverun when I was looking for someone who could help me start ‘thinking right’ about my desire to run a marathon.But after listening to this I think my problems are much broader. I felt thunderstruck by the relationship between self-worth and success…. I had never seen the correlation between self-destruction and self-image. WOW! Question: Since I just ‘found’ this podcast and you’re months down the road so to speak, does it make sense to make comments like this one?

    Blessings on you! Dan

  7. Dear Bruce,

    Ever since Style Weekly said you were the most-followed tweeter in Richmond, Virginia I have followed you on twitter. Then facebook and email (I follow Austin too). Now, with session 1, I am starting your podcasts. As you quoted, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Good to “see” you.

    Good to hear you, too. You sound great. I love your use of quotes to connect me with the wisdom and inspiration of the ages. I love your story. And I love the prospect of how my story will evolve over the course of the podcast series.


  8. Hi Bruce,
    I came across your podcast a week or so ago. I’d had a bit of a tough day and I was searching iTunes for a relaxing podcast to listen to while drifting off to sleep and was lucky enough to find YOU! I’m hooked. You & your podcast was just what I was looking for. Since then I’ve been listening to you everyday. I decided (not like the seagull on the dock), I actually DID go back to the start of your podcasts as I want to listen to them all! I’d like to leave little comments on how I find each one. I’m following you on Instagram (Mrs_emily_r) and Twitter (@emilypob) and also on Facebook (Emily Reding). I don’t want to miss a thing. I subscribed on iTunes and registered my email through this website. Please let me know if I’m forgetting anything! Here’s to a long healthy friendship. Kind regards, Emily xx

  9. Hi Bruce,

    I’ve just started listening to listening to Podcast and ran across yours. I have enjoyed your introduction. I have been able to relate to some of feelings you had in the past. I will be definitely listening to more. Thank you for having the courage to start the Podcast.

    Enjoy your day,


  10. I’m trying to build a MLM business, but it’s so hard – I believe in the business, but I’m struggling to believe in myself. I started crying in a meeting with my coach and colleagues this week and I don’t even know quite why. Next morning I started reading Susan Jeffers’ ‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway’, and then a friend told me about your podcast which she’s finding really helpfu. I’ve loved 1 and 2, and am going to try to be the student who is ready as it can’t be a coincidence that both her book and your podcast talk about this.
    I’m looking forward to the rest – thank you.

  11. Hi Bruce, I’m a new listener. I came across your podcast by just doing a search in the podcast. I subscribed to your channel but just now listening after a month. I randomly started downloading by titles that spoke to me. And I have been journaling my gratitude sand victories the past few days. Now I decided lets just listen from the beginning and here I am. I do believe I was meant to listen to this right now at this time of my life. It’s funny my husband says the same things as you but for whatever reason, it is connecting. Which should alleviate my husband from feeling like he needs to be my life coach. I am only 32 years old but due to my upbringing I have many limiting beliefs. Because of that I have moments of happiness but more misery. I needed to and want to make a change and like you are saying this episode I am supposed to be here listening. I’m really excited about this journey and ready to live. God bless and I haven’t been this excited about change ever.

  12. I came across your podcast while searching for shows with Meg Meeker. I decided to listen to your first episode and your message touched my core. I have subscribed and at this moment feel inspired because I know a change is definitely needed in my life. Thank you for taking the time and providing this content. Looking forward to training myself for the remainder of my journey.

  13. I just listened to your first episode. I’m excited, we have a lot of the same types of issues and I too have been called Job. Excited to start this journey.

  14. I looked up positive podcasts because I am a constant negative thinker and it has affected me greatly in life. I see it affecting my mental health and family life and I know it is about time to put in the work and make the change. I loved your opening episode and am really looking forward to listening to more of your podcast.

  15. What an opening podcast. Your words are now accompanying me around the back roads of West Cork in Ireland, while I’m training for a half marathon in October. And more importantly, I’m beginning to understand already what I need to do to remove negativity and improve my mental health.

  16. I just stumbled across your podcast and am very excited! I believe that I am finally ready for the messages that you have created. I plan to start with Episode 1 and listen to them all!!! : ) Thank you for your commitment to this project. I look forward to becoming the person that God intends for me to be with your help.

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