Sponsoring episodes of the Life Is A Marathon podcast is a great way to get your product, service, or message in front of my huge fan-base! My show has over 3 Million downloads from 213 countries around the world! (see stats below)

I don’t just have listeners and followers, I have fans! Feel free to take a look at some of these testimonials.

My audience loves my personal approach to sharing life-changing messages and stories, and I look forward to telling them about how your business/organization can help improve their lives–and I’ll do it with my well-known personal touch! In each episode, I’ll personally talk about your product/service/message at the beginning of each show (pre-roll) for 60-90 seconds, and, at the end, I’ll do a 30-second recap to encourage them to visit your website. Both of these promotional spots will be part of the nature flow of my show, not pre-recorded insertions!

Sponsoring podcast episodes is different than radio episodes because they stay online forever and people listen to them multiple times! I constantly promote previous episodes to my large social media audience, which gives you larger, longer-lasting exposure and brand impressions.

In addition to talking about your business/organization on the podcast, I’ll also use my huge, very engaged, social media platform to drive traffic to your website. I currently have over 538K Twitter followers and am consistently in the top 2% most reTweeted people on Twitter. My Tweets get over 10 Million impressions per month! I also have a large, engaged fan-base on Instagram and Facebook. This additional exposure is a big value-add that you won’t get from other podcasts!

My show and my podcasting style are unique. I don’t imitate the format of any other show. I value each of my fans and am very protective of my audience, which means I am highly selective about the guests I bring on my show and the content I discuss. Everything about the LIAM show is to encourage, uplift, empower, and inspire people to live their best lives. I have the same approach to sponsorships. Your product/service/message must be something that I can, in full authenticity, endorse and encourage my audience to support. If you have the same mindset and a product that you’d like me to partner with you in sharing with the world, please contact me to get started!

Sponsorship Details

Cost per episode: $500 (quantity discounts available)

Each episode sponsorship includes:

  • 60-90 second, personal, conversational pre-roll promotion
  • 30 second post-roll promotion
  • Your banner ad w/link on the page for your episode
  • 5 scheduled Tweets to my 538K+ Twitter audience (10M impressions per month! A $500 value alone!)
  • 1 Instagram post (graphic with text or a personal video promo, with link to your website)
  • 1 Facebook post (graphic with text or a personal video promo, with link to your website)

LIAM Podcast stats: (as of July 18, 2018, data from Libsyn.com)

  • Number of episodes: 438
  • Total listens: 3,079,994
  • Avg. listens per episode: 7,031
  • Total countries reached: 213
  • Top countries: USA: 65%, UK: 7%, CAN: 5%, AUS: 4%

If you’d like to sponsor an episode (or twenty!), please contact me to get started!